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Hello there, welcome! Come and try the Radix ecosystem and earn rewards.🎁

Brought to you by WOWO & XIDAR

A community powered meme coin on Radix, made to grow and support projects in the Radix ecosystem

In cooperation with: $HUG, Xidar ($IDA) & community members

This is where you begin your first experience with the Radix Ecosystem

Setup Wallet

Click button to see in instructions

Make sure you have your mobile & desktop/laptop ready in order to follow all the steps

Claim reward

Starter package: 3 XRD

Connect Wallet & CAPTCHA to claim
(See button ‘connect wallet’ top right)

Mission 1

Step 1: make your first trade on Radix

It’s so simple on Radix, you need to try it!


100 $WOWO starter bonus

  • Go to
  • Connect your radix wallet on Ociswap
  • Search for WOWO
  • Trade 1 XRD to $WOWO

Claimable after trade

How to make your first Trade on

Mission 2

Join our Telegram channels

Complete Mission 1 first

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, a meme coin lover, a developer or someone just new to Crypto, you’ll find a welcoming group of
individuals ready to support your journey. Our community is your go-to resource for answers, insights, and encouragement.

Step 2.1: WOWO Telegram

Join the Channel, introduce
yourself and post following
unique code:

Make at least one trade and connect with your

radix wallet to unlock your code

Step 2.2: Radix Telegram

Join the official

Radix Telegram Channel,

no further action required

Make at least one trade and connect with your

radix wallet to unlock your code

Reward: 1000 $WOWO + 10 $XRD

Mission 3

Complete Mission 2 first

Step 3: load up your wallet with XRD and get ready to fully explore

Buy 1500 (or more) XRD

Get a first time user bonus of 100 XRD and 5.000 $WoWo

Make at least one trade and connect with your

radix wallet to unlock your code

Scan the QR code to buy XRD on

One time bonus is automatically sent out after your wallet received the XRD from    NOTE: if you use an other exchange, the bonus will not be granted.

Other ways to buy Radix

Refer friends

Fell in love with the Radix?

Share your passion :

50XRD / Referral*

Make sure your wallet is connected to unlock

*If your referral successfully claims the Mission 3 rewards

$WOWO And This Campaign

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