Submit Your Project For Help!

What can be requested?

Everything regarding an exchange or CMC/CG listing,  influencer deal or an advertisement at a spot with lots of relevant traffic. 


Please read the project requirements down below carefully.  Do you tap all the boxes? Money doesn’t have to be the problem anymore. Submit your request at the bottom of the page and let’s speed up that process. 

Project Requirements

  • Project Age

    Your project is live at least two months on Radix when submitting the request;

  • Realistic & Important

    Explain why you think this listing, deal or exposure is important and realistic;

  • Active Socials

    Your projects needs to be structurally active on social media platforms like X & Telegram;

  • Allocation Transparency

    Make sure your project is transparent about the token allocation;

  • Money-Flow

    Explain how the money will be used for the process and proof the amount USD needed for the request;

  • Announcement

    Please explain how you will announce receiving the funds (if accepted) on your channels

Height & processing of the request

Projects within the Radix ecosytem can submit requests in the first three weeks of every month (currently May 1 – 26). Depending on WOWO’s MCAP (see table below), a maximum height applies. If more requests than possible are accepted, there will be a voting. 

NOTE: The submissions will be reviewed in cooperation with the Radix Community Council in the last week of every month. Any voting or announcement will follow soon after.

Submission form

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