Staking $WOWO

Staking XRD

❤️‍🔥Weekly Rewards
The validator node will be set to 100% fee. That means your rewards will be 100% WOWO. Through weekly snapshots, you will get weekly WOWO rewards in your wallet. The ratio XRD/WOWO price determines how much you will get paid in a certain week.

❤️‍🔥100% buybacks
The XRD rewards will be used 100% for buybacks on the open market.

❤️‍🔥0% fee in the first 6 months!
The first 6 months the rewardsfee is 0%! After 6 months the rewardsfee will be set to 3% (November 1).

❤️‍🔥Great APY thanks to the WOWO Alliance
Read all about it here.

Liquidity provision

Earn more WOWO or other tokens by providing liquidity to the WOWO pool.


Visit one of our listed DEXs, add liquidity and receive rewards in return. By adding liquidity, you help to create a healthy pool of WOWO tokens and you contribute to a more stable price.


Soon we will launch an additional liquidity providing campaign so you can earn even more WOWO by adding liquidity!


Tokenomics will be updated every month as we burn WOWO weekly (staking rewards). Last update: July 15 2024. 

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