How to buy Radix



How To Buy Radix & WOWO


WOWO believes the future of DEFI lies in the hands of Radix. 

That’s why we are motivated to play an educational role in welcoming users who are completely new to the world of Crypto or who are currently active on other networks like ADA, SOL & AVAX. We have written a comprehensive guide to help everyone get started. And not only that. Soon we’ll release a campaign so you can easily invite others to come and use Radix (for free).👀

What is Radix($XRD)?

Radix is the first layer 1 protocol built specifically to serve the rapidly growing DeFi industry, solving the scalability issues that persistently hamper protocols like Ethereum.


Radix has recently started receiving significant attention across the sector, no surprise given its tech outcompetes across a lot of metrics. But most of all: it’s insanely userfriendly. You can explain the use of the wallet in just 5 minutes to literally everyone. True store: I’ve explained the use of the wallet to my father in no time (70 years old). He loves it!

The good news? You are still very early!

Download & Install the App

To download the Radix Wallet app and get started with using it, follow these step-by-step instructions. Make sure you have your mobile and desktop/laptop ready:

  1. Visit the Official Website: click here to go there. It’s the most reliable source to download the wallet. This ensures that you are getting the official app and browser extension, which are secure and up-to-date.

  2. Choose Your Platform: The Radix Wallet is mobile only and available for Apple, Android & others. Select the version that corresponds to your operating system.

  3. Download the Wallet: Click on the download link for your specific system. The website may provide a direct download link or redirect you to another page where you can select your preferred version.

  4. Install the Application: Once the download is complete, open the file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Radix Wallet on your device. This may involve agreeing to terms, choosing an installation directory, and confirming security prompts.

  5. Open and Set Up the Wallet: After installation, open the wallet application. You’ll likely need to set up the wallet by creating a new wallet or importing an existing one. Make sure to connect your mobile wallet with the Radix Wallet Connecter on your laptop/desktop. This step will also include creating or entering a secure passphrase and possibly setting up other security features like two-factor authentication or face-id. 

  6. Backup Your Wallet: It is crucial to back up your wallet after setup. This typically involves writing down a recovery phrase that is provided during the setup process and storing it in a safe place. This recovery phrase is essential for recovering your wallet if your computer is lost, stolen, or damaged.

  7. Still got questions? The WOWO community is here to help you. Just ask your question in our Telegram.

NOTE: Downloading and using any cryptocurrency wallet involves risks, and it is important to follow best practices for security. Always download software from official or reputable sources and ensure your device is secure and malware-free. If you need detailed, specific instructions or encounter any issues, it’s best to consult the official documentation or seek help from official support channels.

Where to Buy Radix($XRD)?



You can buy Radix (XRD) directly on It’s really easy and safe and you can use your creditcard. Just scan the QR code or click on the link. Letsexchange scores an 4.6/5 on Trustpilot.



You can also buy Radix (XRD) on several other cryptocurrency exchanges.
The most active exchanges that currently list XRD for trading include:


  • KuCoin

    Offers XRD trading with USDT.


    Provides a variety of trading pairs for XRD, including USDT and ETH

  • MEXC Global

    Another popular choice for trading XRD with USDT

  • Bitfinex

    This exchange allows trading XRD with USD and BTC

  • AscendEX

    Available for trading XRD with USDT

  • Bitget

    Also lists XRD for trading

How to buy $WOWO?

Once you’ve set up the Radix wallet and have $XRD in it, it’s easy to buy WOWO. WOWO is available on many dexes within the ecosystem. Go to one of the options below by clicking the link and make sure to connect your wallet.


You can buy WOWO by swapping XRD/WOWO on Ociswap, CaviarNine, DefiPlaza, Dexter and DogeCube.

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