Are you ready to accelerate the Radix Ecosystem?

The Rise of WOWO

For years, the mystic WOWO provided unity and enthusiasm in the Radix community during the eXRD era. Anyone part since 2020/21 will remember her. Now, the moment has arrived to continue the legend, not alone, but together, as a WOWO community. 

United, we are ready to embrace the future; a future in which the Radix Ecosystem makes the difference in the financial world.

Join Our Community!

Join our thriving community, active for many years on the Radix network, as we embark on our mission to make Radix a mainstream chain. 

We cannot do this alone; it requires the collective strength of a legion of WOWO fans. Together, we can achieve greatness.


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    An iconic member

    WOWO provided unity and enthusiasm in the eXRD & Uniswap ERA. Anyone who is part of the XRD community since or around 2020 will remember this iconic community member.

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    WOWO serves a specific purpose with, of course, the side benefit around it. There's one main goal: accelerating the Radix Ecosystem by providing grants to other projects and by attracting new users to the ecosystem.

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    Access to Radix

    You get acceleration with access. Exchange listings, CMC/CG listings & influencer deals contribute directly to this. If money can speed up this process, WOWO's here to help.

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    For Radix

    Radix is still a relatively undiscovered gem in the crypto industry. WOWO wants to help ensure everyone sees how groundbreaking the Radix ecosystem and how awesome our community is.

WOWO's first & next steps

  • March 23, 2024

    Launch of WOWO

    The launch of WOWO marked a groundbreaking moment; with a group of nearly 100 community members, the foundations were laid for a healthy start and distribution - Character & Content creating - HUG partnership - Website launch - Acceleration Table.

  • April 30, 2024

    April Milestones

    - Launching the first campaign to attract new users to Radix - Multiple partnerships - Meme & X contest - Community SPLASH - Trying to get influencers on board - Coingecko Request - First submission will be rewarded to a project that #runsonradix.

  • May 31, 2024

    May Milestones

    'Invite your friends' program for $WOWO token holders - KuCoin & push campaign - First specific campaign to attract users active on other chains - Exploring staking possibilities - Second submission will be rewarded to a project that #runsonradix

  • June 30, 2024

    June and beyond

    If possible already: tokenpool lock - Coinmarketcap campaign - Coinbase & Kraken campaign to gain attention for Radix - More submissions to be rewarded to a project that #runsonradix - and much more.



WOWO is supporting the Radix network by running a validator node. To do this properly, WOWO & StakeSafe partnered up. StakeSafe has a lot of experience in running nodes. 



This initiative serves WOWO’s purposes becasue it strengthens the infrastructure of the Radix network and will support the value of the WOWO token. 



❤️‍🔥Weekly Rewards
The validator node will be set to 100% fee. That means your rewards will be 100% WOWO. Through weekly snapshots, you will get weekly WOWO rewards in your wallet. The ratio XRD/WOWO price determines how much you will get paid in a certain week.

❤️‍🔥100% buybacks
The XRD rewards will be used 100% for buybacks on the open market.

❤️‍🔥0% fee in the first 6 months!
The first 6 months the rewardsfee is 0%! After 6 months the rewardsfee will be set to 3%.


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